Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hello there. And yes, I mean you. I may not know who you are but you are reading my blog so... hello. Again. As you may or may not have guessed, I've taken a little break from blogging but I am back in the saddle. However, don't expect too much from today's blog - its kind of a toe-dipping. I know I said I would try and reach 100 posts by the end of the year but I'm thinking maybe I should revise that down to maybe 80. This post will be #72 so I think 80 is a more realistic target.

Well, the silly season is upon us. Christmas parties, presents, alcohol and Windex for the photocopier. I try to avoid being silly at work. However, it doesn't try to avoid me. Its also a time for Performance Reviews and I for one would like to see these reviews shifted to a more somber time, such as the end of the financial year. I'm usually more somber in the middle of Winter. Still, its not up to me so I just try to make the best of it.

In any Performance Review I like to open with a joke. This has rarely gone down well but I think I've got a really good one this year. Then its a matter of addressing the KPIs for the past year. I tell my boss which ones I decided to do and he tells me stuff about pride in my work and loyalty to the business and so on and on and on. Last year I drank two litres of Pepsi Max before our meeting and spent most of the time stifling burps. While I have never actually seen myself do it, I think I must look VERY funny trying to stifle a two-litre-pepsi-max burp.

It is possible that I am slightly addicted to Pepsi Max. I do drink at least one can a day, more if I can get away with it. Luckily its good for me. It has the Heart Foundation "MAX" of approval so it can't be too bad. I keep telling DW that "its ok. There's no sugar" and she gives me a withering look.

Pepsi Max makes me happy. When I'm hot it makes me cool. When I'm uncool, it makes me cool. When I'm already cool, it makes me damn cool. And burping makes my kids laugh. They get me.

I should make something clear. I do not like Pepsi or Pepsi Diet. I do like Coke, though I find it too sweet - which is saying something because I have a sweet tooth that would frighten Willy Wonka. I can drink Diet Coke and I also like Vanilla Coke, Fanta and Lemonade. Solo also makes me look cool but only when I'm angry. So for me, its Pepsi Max. I should also say to anyone who even visits my house, if I offer you a can of Pepsi Max, and you accept it, drink the whole thing. Otherwise you'll have me reaching for a can of Solo.


Thought for the Day: It really is ok.