Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's meeee!!

Ok, where was I?

That's right. The Olympics had finished and Little Man had just had his third birthday. Yep, the little guy made it! It was touch and go there for a minute. It still amazes me that he has been around for three years. Of course, sometimes it seems much longer than that and other times it seems to have flown by. But it never feels like, "Yeah, three years sounds about right."

So what is little man up to you may ask? Well, for starters, his imagination has really kicked in. He loves playing games and anthropomorphizing his toys. For example, I watched him the other day pick up a toy and introduce it to another.

"Hello. I'm dinosaur. I'm ephalent."
"Hello. I'm lion. I'm dinosaur. I'm ephalent."
"Hello. I'm tiger. I'm lion. I'm dinosaur. I'm ephalent."

This went on until he had lined up around twenty little plastic animals. Every animal was introduced to every other one. Then the T-Rex beat all the other animals up, sending them scattering around the room. But apparently the T-Rex really has it in for the tiger, because he got a right seeing to.

I tried to film the happenings without him knowing but he got wise to me. He used to ignore the camera but now, he is just like his sister, he has to perform. Only problem is, its his natural performance that is the most interesting.

DW told me she was watching Little Man a few days ago and he was looking at the back of a Little Golden Book, and naming the animals, but he ran into trouble with the pelican.

LM: "Pecilan"
DW: "Pelican"
LM: "Pecilan"
DW: "Pel..i..can"
LM: "Pec..i..lan"
DW: "Say Pel..."
LM: "Pel"
DW: "..i.."
LM: "..i.."
DW: "can"
LM: "can"
DW: "Pel..i..can"
LM: "Pec..i..lan"
DW: "Nearly. Pel..i..can"
LM: "Pel..ic..clan. Pec.. Pelc.. Pec... Nah! It's a duck."

He just skipped it the next time round.

Princess is enjoying some "home-time" after a busy third term at school. The first week of the break were fun-filled adventures of swimming and parties and outings galore. She is finding the second week a little dull. I think this is how school holidays are designed. The first week is great but by the end of the second week, they are pretty ready to be back at school.

It's interesting to consider what Princess was like when I started doing this blog and what she is like now. She is growing up so fast. Her reading is coming along very well, she is much taller and her sensibilities are maturing. She still loves to talk and talk and talk and is always ready to show every single emotion on her face. But she is fast becoming a young girl, as opposed to a little girl.

After our local football team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on the weekend, Princess couldn't understand why we weren't still celebrating the fact that they had tried their best. I tried to explain that our team were a bunch of witless losers for being the losingest, losery losers of loserville, but DW stopped me. Apparently we are proud of the fact that Princess still thinks effort is worth celebrating for its own sake. DW thinks we should foster this naive notion in the kids. DW also thinks Princess may have recently surpassed me in the maturity rankings in our house, but I said I don't care, 'cos I'm still the tallest.


Thought for the Day:
(sung to the Geelong Football Club theme)

We are Geelong, we bowed before the Hawks.
We are Geelong, they made us look like dorks.
We played, as though we had been spayed.
We could..n't make the grade!
We canna' fly high, we lost the game
Down at "new sponsor's name"

P.S. Just venting. I still barrack for the Cats.