Thursday, March 22, 2012

Again, seriously?

A blog, a blog! My kingdom for a blog!

I haven't read Richard the Third, but I'm sure he would have said something similar. Or not.

I bet you all thought I had abandoned this blog for good.  As you can see, I have not.  In fact, I have been remarkably busy this last year, just not writing blogs.  However, I have begun to think that I need this outlet almost as much as you (ok, maybe not).  You see, I have been focussing on technical writing for work and research writing for study.  I have been neglecting my artistic writing (don't laugh) and I think I need it more than I realized. 

I have recently turned 40 and I think any change in the first digit of your age should prompt one to consider where they are in their lives. That seemed like such an effort I decided to see where everyone else is in their lives. I'm nothing if not judgmental. It turns out that most people around me are pretty settled with their lot, and for the most part, quite happy.  And those that aren't probably don't want me talking about them here so stop being nosy.

Ok, so evaluating my own life seems like such a mid-life crisis sort of thing to do, and I can't afford a Ferrari yet, so it seems clear to me that at least from a maturity perspective, I haven't reached the middle of my life.  Some have said I haven't reached my teens, you know, based on my maturity.  If I were a monkey, I could throw poo at them, which is frowned on if you are not a monkey.

Anyway, DW and I have decided to celebrate our 100th wedding anniversary, which is some way off still, but these things need lots of planning.  Where to have it, who to invite, what sort of foods, and of course, the necessity to actually live that long.  Fortunately, by my calculation, I will hit middle age when I'm around 70. Those of you who are quick with math will have worked out that I expect to live until I'm 140, but the centenary wedding anniversary will happen when I am 126, however I should point out that it will be a big party, and there will be lots of slow moving old people, so I am expecting it to run for around 10 years, with an extra few years to actually get my siblings to stop talking and leave.

On an entirely separate note, writing this blog is keeping me awake on the train, and after several embarrassing incidents recently, I have decided I should probably stay awake on the train, and indeed, in all public places, especially small, important meetings. You see, turning 40 has made me realize something - at some point, people are going to expect me to grow up. Boy, are they going to be disappointed.


Thought for the Day: When all is lost, you needn't worry because presumably that has also been lost,

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