Friday, March 23, 2012

No pain! No pain!

Good morning, World.  

I'm not a big fan of breakfast radio but my wife loves waking up to the chatter of Red Simons (not sure of the spelling there). I like waking up to quiet. I'd prefer not to have an alarm, but there's not much choice in that. But as soon as my alarm has woken me, I turn it off.  Then it is quiet again. I like the quiet. But I like DW more so I put up with the radio. At least when I start back into my exercise regime, I will be getting up before her again, so I can enjoy the quiet for a little while at least.

Speaking of exercise, this morning Red was chatting to someone in his 60s who is taking part in a triathlon. Now I can see the appeal of being able to say, "yeah, I'm a triathlete, I do triathlons".  However, I cannot see the appeal of actually doing a triathlon.  We specifically built cars so we didn't have to run 42 kilometers or cycle 180 kilometers. Its no coincidence that Henry Ford lived precisely 42 kilometers from his favorite bar and after being told he'd better run home or his wife would kill him, he was heard to say, "You know what we need..."

A triathlon also involves swimming some equally ridiculous distance. This is what boats are for people.  Even ancient cultures had boats.  And before they had boats, they had preboats.  And before they had preboats, all the land was joined together so they could walk everywhere.  One of the earliest recorded writings of mankind is scratched on a cave wall depicting a saber-toothed tiger chasing villagers, and one of them saying to another, "You know what we need..?". 

It is unclear whether he meant a boat or a car, but we are confident he didn't mean sneakers. 

Anyway, Red pointed out the absurdity of a 60+ doing a triathlon, though I'm not sure the caller agreed. I pointed out to DW that I'm only 40 and even I know better. After laughing at me for saying "only 40", DW made the comment that I had better not take up triathlon, because she wasn't putting up with another obsession. I guess I'm lucky she is letting me keep the ones I have. 

Having said that, I will probably get back into my regular exercise soon.  I just don't wanna.

Photography continues to be a passion of mine, and I have even shot another wedding, this time for my cousin. The shoot itself went surprisingly well, partly because I had a new lens, called a super zoom.  It's a Tamron 18-270mm, for those interested.  The best thing about it is the fact that I didn't have to use two cameras with different lens to cover the range of shots I want to do. Just zooming in and out as I liked made the whole process almost painless, but nothing is ever perfect.  Still, it's now my go-to lens.  The problem with shooting a wedding is that afterward you have to wade through 3000+ photos to find what worked and what didn't. Fortunately a fair number worked, but now I have to process the images, which is slow and tedious and I just don't wanna.

Anyway, I have another meeting tomorrow to see about shooting another wedding for another cousin. As I have for the previous weddings, I usually charge the price of a new lens, and there is a pretty Tamron 10-24mm that I like the look of...

Anyway, time to go.


Thought for the Day: Small things come in small packages.  Big things come in big packages. Deal with it.

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